A new future for transitioning Veterans 

At the core of our Cyber Warrior Program™ is a strong focus on those sons and daughters of the Nation that have committed a portion of their lives in service. Each month, thousands of veterans leave the service, many without a career path in hand for civilian life. The Augusta Cyber Warrior Program, along with the Augusta Warrior project, will provide these young soldiers an opportunity to continue to serve their country where they are needed most, as protectors of our vital national digit infrastructure. Since tuition is free for our qualifying candidates, transitioning veterans can reserve their GI Bill benefits for their spouse or their family, dramatically enhancing their lives and giving the necessary thanks for their service. 

In many instances, these professionals come into our program with some form of clearance and background assessment. Depending on the nature of the engagement, our clients may request that existing clearances are kept active. We will work with our clients and the candidates to ensure that any existing clearances remain active and that we have done significant screening of well understood disqualifiers during our aptitude assessment process. 



Your well earned GI Bill represents an opportunity for you to be thanked for you years of service. But a four year degree may not be what you envision for yourself. Instead, you can preserve that GI Bill funding and share it with your most dear love ones...your spouse or children. Qualifying veterans will be given tuition free training through the Cyber Warrior Program so that your GI Bill will be there when you desire to use them.


Make USE oF Existing Clearance 

If you have an existing security clearance, the Cyber Warrior Program can offer you faster inclusion into Federal level cyber positions. Continue to protect our vital Federal resources as you serve the US as a civilian cyber professional.



The best way to ensure you have a career as you exit the service is to plan ahead. Aptitude assessment and career guidance are at the heart of the Cyber Warrior Program. Take the time, while enlisted, to explore your options and benefit from seamless inclusion into an appropriate cohort of cyber trainees. The added benefit is accelerated introduction into the workforce as a cyber warrior!