Defense contractors and their clients require specific facilities that are designed to mitigate any chance of interception of communication when dealing with highly classified information. The SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) are facilities (either office space, storage space or data centers) where the Federal Government and its various agencies might interact with appropriately cleared individuals and collaborate in their respective missions. 

In providing a facility that caters to the needs of the Department of Defense and its various Agencies and their subcontractors a SCIF is an essential facility. In order to ensure that Augusta Cyberworks deploys an accredited and marketable facility that correctly meets these needs, Cape Augusta is partnering with Whiting Turner, a multi billion dollar specialist design and implement, turn-key contractor specializing in Data Centers, Wet and Dry Labs and SCIF facilities, to conceptualize develop and construct a major SCIF facility on our campus.  Whiting Turner are currently involved in a number of classified projects on Fort Gordon and intimately understand the need to the various intelligence community agencies. 

Leases for the SCIF suites and Data Center SCIF will be discussed on application and detailed subsequent to more detailed specification.

Design Specification

  • Tenant design review and approval at 35%, 65%, 95% and IFC design stages.
  • Design, construction and testing to meet requirements of ICD 705.
  • Flexibility of design to address specific interpretation of ICD 705 by individual accrediting organizations.
  • Choice of single, 3,000 SF or 5,000 SF secure suites

6 Suites available

Each suite includes:

  • Primary and secondary entrances with STC 50-rated doors and frames, access control, intrusion detection, and CCTV.  Primary entrance includes X10 and LKM 7003 hardware.
  • One room per 1,000 SF with video teleconferencing capabilities.
  • Perimeter walls protected against intrusion with steel mesh and sound attenuated to STC-50.  
  • Shielding on all six sides
  • Individual HVAC system and equipment, and electrical service external to SCIF space
  • Motion sensors located per ICD 705
  • 18” raised access floor with underfloor air distribution

Suites are served by one main lobby with premium finishes, including security
desk, turnstiles and available unclassified conference room for non-cleared visitors. 
Finishes in corridors and secure suites include painted walls, acoustical ceiling tile, and carpet.
Tenant is responsible for final accreditation of their suite and providing operation and security monitoring as required by accreditation.

Tenant provides communication and data cabling and equipment.  Developer to provide incoming classified and unclassified service to the building.

Secure Data Center Facilities

In addition to the general Working Area SCIF we plan to develop a smaller 1-3MW Open Storage Data Center SCIF of approximately 45,000 sq. ft. 

It will be built to the following specifications:

  • Tier 3 comparable data center 
  • Mechanical and electrical systems are Tier 3 comparable with N+1 redundancy and concurrently maintainable.
  • Mechanical and Electrical systems are scalable for future growth
  • 3 MW, equates to 150 watts/SF
  • 20,000 SF of white space
  • Double interlocked pre-action sprinkler systems
  • VESDA – Very early smoke detection alarm
  • Cooling systems such as chiller plant, CRAC’s, CRAH’s, Critical AHU’s @ N+1
  • Generator systems @ N+1
  • UPS Systems @ N+1
  • Mechanical, electrical, and facility components will support integration of a DCIM system
  • LED lighting systems
  • Access control and CCTV systems
  • BMS/BAS control systems 
  • Communication pathways