High Quality, High Character

We understand that the modern cyber workforce wants a new class of office space that truly speaks to their generation. A technology village, with housing, high technology, blistering connectivity and great outdoor amenities with proximity to Downtown. 

The Augusta Cyberworks Commercial Office Phase has a number of high quality suites available on flexible, favorable lease terms.

The Main Historic Mill comprises 4 floors. Phase 3 consists of Floors 2-4 of the main mill. Each floor will be configured into suites of 10-45,000 square feet although all 4 floors might be combined into a single space to service a client who as significant space requirements up to 135,000 square feet.

Depending on the nature of the off-takes involved CADP would entertain partial development to tenant specifications (“white-space”) for a portion of the building with the balance reserved (“grey-space”) for later expansion at favorable holding rates on the back of takeoff hurdles. This kind of flexibility on campus allows prospective tenants the capacity to take initial space and reserve space for growth.

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