AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- EDTS Cyber and Cape Augusta have partnered to create a new company called Secure IOT.

In this partnership, EDTS has the software and Cape Augusta has the training and ability to hire new employees.

Charles Johnson is the CEO of EDTS and EDTS Cyber, when it comes to the new company he said "There are so many devices coming out daily there are new things that everyone is plugging into their networks at home or the office and they don't realize the repercussions that brings, so we're bringing in new and emerging technologies along with tried and true networking practices to really bring that total security package to the marketplace."

Secure IOT stands for the Internet of Things, which are things that need security.

"It would be technology that a person would put in their home, that will be a holistic security platform for everything from their refrigerator, to their thermostat, to their play station, to their Apple TV that is the RND that were putting in right now," said Johnson.

Secure IOT is only in the beginning stages of building this new technology at Sibley Mill, but once it is up and running there will be even more going on in the Augusta Cyberworks area.

Johnson said, "Being part of Augusta Cyberworks here this campus its the whole model of live work play and then we're going to have the data center so live, work, play, host."

Sibley is expanding as a a work and training facility for cyber employees, and one day employees will even have the option to live in the larger mill next door.

"This whole campus being one stop shopping for future candidates, whether it's the training facility that's going next door or the ability to have folks live next door at King Mill when there's the 250 apartments we're putting in so were really excited about that," said Johnson.

Cape Augusta is also partnering with the Augusta Warrior Project and the University of Maryland Baltimore County Training Centers to bring veterans to Cape Augusta for cyber training, in order for them to work for Secure IOT in the future.