Augusta, Georgia - Today announces the partnership between Cape Augusta, the University of Maryland Baltimore County Training Centers (UMBC TC), and the Augusta Warrior Project to provide training and job placement for those who are transitioning out of the armed forces. With new facilities already under development in Augusta, GA, Cape Augusta and the Augusta Warrior Project have joined forces to connect those in need of a talented cyber workforce with a stream of veterans trained in one of the many UMBC TC offerings in Cyber and IT.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, there are at least one million unfilled cyber jobs in the U.S. Developing smart strategies to identify and train individuals is at a premium if the public and private sector are to keep up with the growing number of cyber threats. Cape Augusta and UMBC TC are building a new 9,000 square foot training facility at the Augusta Cyberworks to provide educational opportunities at all levels of IT and Cyber necessary in today’s market. By partnering with the Augusta Warrior Project, the Cyber Warrior Program looks to those who have served their country as an important and vital source of bright, keen minds. Qualified transitioning soldiers will be trained for free and given job placement in the world of IT and Cyber with the companies that need them the most.

“Augusta has all that it needs to become a destination training venue for Cyber; high quality low cost of living and a ready supply of recruits, who have made the ultimate commitment to our country, by serving in the armed forces. This partnership seeks to leverage the world class and industry leading curriculum of the UMBC Training Centers Cybersecurity Academy and provide those men and women, who can no longer serve in the armed forces or are simply transitioning out, a meaningful role in this critical sector of the US economy” said James Ainslie, CEO of Cape Augusta.

Kim Elle, President & CEO of the Augusta Warrior Project, commented that “This partnership will provide the opportunity for thousands of individuals who gave a blank check to this country to tailor the skills they acquired in the military to meet the needs of a vital and rapidly growing

industry. In addition, the training they receive will help them to make a seamless transition to civilian life while continuing to serve their country. Finally, because qualifying candidates will have their full tuition covered, they can still use their GI Bill benefits to help their families reach their own academic goals.”

Kent Malwitz, President of UMBC TC, adds, “We are excited to leverage the experience we have in training active duty military, veterans and civilians in cyber supporting Fort Meade, for the benefit of Fort Gordon and the Augusta region. We are especially proud to partner with the Augusta Warrior Project to prepare these veterans for meaningful and rewarding careers in cyber.”

In the coming months, candidates can enroll in the Cyber Warrior Program and employers can register to hire graduates of the program for internships and full time employment at .