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Cape Augusta

Cape Augusta was founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs Wayne Millar, Graham Ellison and James Ainslie. The entity was conceptualized as a transformative technology investment entity seeking disruptive and landscape redefining investment opportunities throughout the world. 

Cape Augusta is the principle shareholder behind the Augusta Cyberworks through its technical Realestate holding subsidiary Cape Augusta Digital Properties.

In 2016 Cape Augusta was joined by Patrick Riley & Oxshott Trust and Charles Johnson of CKJ Investments.


Cape Augusta Digital Properties

Cape Augusta Digital Properties is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cape Augusta, LLC and seeks to develop a fleet of disruptive Data Centers across the United States. 

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Sibley Founders

Sibley Founders was conceived of as a Syndication vehicle for the A-Round venture capital raise for Augusta Cyberworks, LLC. Sibley Founders include the following shareholders:

  1. Investtech Data Center Investments
  2. Tom Colbert
  3. Larry Zuckerman
  4. CKJ Investments
  5. M-Communications
  6. Brandon Zapata
  7. Tommy Dozier
  8. John McWilliams
  9. Jim Dixon
  10. Eric Eshelman
  11. Frank Anderson

Sibley Founders is managed by Wayne Millar and Jeremy Hurwitz.



Absolute Tax Credit Investments

Absolute Tax Credit Investments is a national syndicator that provides tax equity financing for Historic Tax Credit Rehabilitation Projects.

Our team’s depth of experience and background as developer consultants helps us structure investments well suited to developer needs.  We understand every project is different and we work closely with our developer clients to build a transaction around their priorities.

While we focus primarily on the Federal Historic Tax Credit (HTC), we work with other investors who are able to utilize the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC), and various state tax credits.  We have the capacity to invest in projects of any size, and will consider any project type that meets the eligibility criteria for the HTC.


Meridian Investments

The Meridian family of companies has been providing tax-advantaged investment opportunities to corporate clients for more than 30 years. Since its founding in 1981, various Meridian affiliates have completed over $16 billion in tax advantaged investment transactions and have worked with over 200 institutional clients.

Our experience, track record, and exemplary team of dedicated professionals provide unrivaled benefits to both investors and issuers alike, and have established Meridian as a leading provider of tax credit equity financing.