Disruptive Data Centers 

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20 MW Scalable to 40MW Critical IT Load

Our facility, located in a historic mill complex in Augusta, Georgia, leverages a number of site specific advantages to provide a highly compelling product. CADP controls Sibley and King Mill, which used to be owned and operated by Avondale Mills, a textile (denim) manufacturer. The mills ceased operating about 7 years ago, and have been abandoned since then. They have each got 2 MW of hydroelectric generated power which are powered by the Augusta Canal System; fed by the Savannah River.

By combining highly efficient Tier 3+ power infrastructure, data center friendly tax credits and efficient design it is possible supply wholesale infrastructure at super wholesale rates ($80- $100 per kilowatt per month) to hyper-scale operators hungry for expansion. 

Green & Efficient

  • 4 MW of Hydroelectric Power
  • Plenum (hot aisle) containment
  • CRAC driven air to liquid cooled heat exchanger
  • Leverage 600 million gallons of canal water to reject DC and Campus heat load.
  • Backup cooling towers and chillers for “trim” cooling and redundancy.
  • Exceptional PUEs (1.15 at 10MW 1.13 at 7MW)
  • Secure and Robust


  • Security fence surrounds perimeter of property
  • Single point of entry
  • Data center floor and secured areas require card key
  • 2-factor biometric authentication (finger print and iris scan)
  • Security guards on-site 24x7x365
  • Active patrol both inside and outside facility
  • Closed circuit video cameras cover the interior and exterior of the building

Highly Connected

  • Diverse SONET access and dark fiber available
  • In-house carriers and IP providers

Electrical Design Specifications

  • 10 MW  Data Center scalable to 
  • 2 MW modular building blocks
  • 100,000 sq. ft. Whitespace
  • 1 x 2 MW Hydroelectric Power Generators 
  • Tier 3+ Design 
  • DRUPS 
  • Up to 15 kW per rack critical IT Load.
  • Two independent UPS sources to each rack
  • Distributed redundant overall electrical system
  • Distribution via overhead busway or whips
  • 400V Distribution voltage in white space
  • Static switches for single corded load
Phase 2  | Augusta Cyberworks | 20 MW Tier 3 Data Center

Phase 2  | Augusta Cyberworks | 20 MW Tier 3 Data Center

Augusta Cyberworks Complete Site Plan

Augusta Cyberworks Complete Site Plan