Augusta Cyber Warrior Program

2 million Cybersecurity jobs will be vacant in the US by the end of 2019. According to the Department of Homeland Security that number currently sits at about 1 million vacancies. With Cyber attacks growing in number and effect and the entrance of Nation State actors in militarized and weaponized Cyber Programs there can be no doubt that Cyber Security represents one of the most critical national programs in the United States. A problem that presents itself to Public and Private sectors with equal prejudice.

With numbers of potential candidates as low as they are, the experienced few are incubated in National Security programs at significant cost to the Federal Government. However these candidates as soon as they have the necessary experience and certification are hired out of their programs by Private Sector companies who can command significantly higher levels of compensation. The human capital dilemma is arguably the largest ever faced by workforce development in history. Churn amongst Cyber firms is an average of 17% year on year, even worse still in the public sector.

At the Augusta Cyberworks, we have developed a turnkey, end-to-end, workforce development solution that brings scalable quality to dealing with workforce development in Cyber. If you are an employer seeking assistance in developing your cyber workforce, a young person looking for a career in cyber security or a recruiting or HR company looking to develop another value proposition.

Augusta Cyberworks and our partner UMBC Training Centers have a solution for you.!



The University of Maryland Baltimore County Training Centers (UMBC Training Centers) and Cape Augusta have developed a comprehensive human capital development program that seeks to establish a sustainable pipeline of capability in Cyber Security for the modern enterprise suffering from this Cybersecurity workforce dilemma.  Our End-to-End Cyber Warrior Program™ is designed to mitigate the enormous risk that faces our clients in developing their cyber security workforce and ensure “Right-fit” to your needs as our client.


Do you have TALENT and are looking for a CAREER IN Cyber Security?

Are you looking to break into the Cyber Security workforce? Do you have the "right stuff"? Enroll for an aptitude assessment regardless of your background or experience. 

Our Cyber Warrior program specializes in establishing early on if our candidates have sufficient aptitude and or clear-ability to perform in the complex world of Cyber.

Enroll today to start your career in Cyber Security.


ARE YOU Looking to PARtner in Developing Cyber Security Capabilities

We are always looking for partners, from enterprise human resource and workforce development and recruitment industries seeking to develop a a market offering to their existing customers who are now realizing that they have a critical deficiency in their Cyber Security workforce strategies.

Our Cyber Warrior Program seeks to provide your customers with a sustainable scale solution to their needs; whether thats 20 to 400 candidates a year.